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[Image]   Officer Jamie Ray


Roscoe Police Department

10595 Main Street Roscoe, IL 61073

Emergency ~ 911  Non-Emergency ~ 815 - 623- 7338  Fax ~ 815 - 623- 7254

Officer Ray reminds her students to "THINK before you ACT" and advises them to ask themselves two questions before doing anything dangerous: "What is the RISK? What are the CONSEQUENCES?"


Officer Ray graduated  from Wilma Boyd Business School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1995.  She started her career in Law Enforcement in 1996 as a 911 Dispatcher with the Ogle County Sheriff's Office and then came to Roscoe Police in 1998.  Officer Ray recently graduated from I.S.P. D.A.R.E. Officer school and returned to take over the department's program from Sgt. Stan Smith.  Officer Ray is expecting her first child in October of 2000.