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Parent Resources & Information




Shopping for software or videos for your child? There are several online guides that will help you decide which titles to choose. These guides include information on age-appropriateness and whether titles contain violent or sexual content. Other guides contain reviews by parents and experts on children's software.

The Parent Guide to Electronic Games rates 18 popular CD-ROM titles on various criteria such as violent and sexual content, age-appropriateness, language, and fear. It also reviews Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and Sega Dreamcast games.

Family Wonder allows you to select titles by age category and offers ratings on educational and entertainment values; the site also offers summaries and expert reviews.

The Kid's First! web site allows you to search for over 1,000 children's software and videos and offers reviews and information on age-appropriateness.

For educational software, SuperKids Educational Software Review has reviews of educational software and educational tools. See their Best of 1999 award winners for possible choices.

The Children's Software Review (described as the "Consumer Reports of children's softwar rates kids' web sites, CD-ROMs and computers.

Screen It! Entertainment Reviews for Parents has written reviews of movies, music and videos that are comprehensive without being censoring. Screen It! is an interesting site that will help you make informed decisions about your child's entertainment.


INTERNET SAFETY is an Internet safety organization that's been around since 1995. The practical tips sections, including the one on CyberStalking, are particularly useful. Also check out the FAQ page and the activities for kids.

Produced by the FBI, "The Parents Guide to Internet Safety" lists steps you can take to avoid jeopardizing your child's safety online, indications your child may be at risk, a definition list of internet-related terms, and other valuable information for parents.

A bevy of statistics and news stories about Internet crime is available from the APB's internet crime site at The APB site has other crime and safety-related information, such as a section on child safety and a page that lists the risk of violent crime at various college campuses.

GetNetWise is a very comprehensive site with lots of information about Internet safety, including a glossary of Internet terms, an online safety guide, and info on reporting trouble.

The Cyber Tipline is a site where you can report incidents of child exploitation and solicitation online. It also provides links to other sources of information about child sexual exploitation. The "Education and Resources" section of the NCMEC's web site has two pamphlets: one on teen Internet safety and one for kids (here is the direct link).

Child Safety on the Information Highway By Lawrence J. Magid is a great introductory article that covers basic Internet safety information for kids. Also check out the Safekids site and the SafeTeens site.

Other sites that discuss children's safety on the Internet: Safety, Education and Entertainment Ideas for Children on the Internet
MetLife's Life Advice list of links
Cybersafe Kids
The Internet and You: A Parent's Guide
Yahooligans online safety site
New York Public Library's "A Safety Net for the Internet"




There are many great parenting sites on the web, each with a slightly different focus:


BrainWorks, a site developed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, explains the stages of brain development for infants from zero to three years old.

Dear Parents: Presented by Edmark, the children's educational software company, Dear Parent is a place to get sound advice on learning and technology.

The Family Corner: Maintaining a cohesive family requires work and communication. Find help at this friendly site.

The Fatherhood Project

GrandsPlace is a resource for grandparents and special others raising children and a constructive environment for dealing with the unique challenges they may face.

KidBeing: Honoring the Creativity and Spirit of Kids provides an enormous resource of supportive information and guidance for parents wishing to help their children become lifelong learners and imaginative adults. From nurturing creativity to understanding different learning styles, this site has wonderful suggestions and info on educational activities, parenting, and creativity.

KidSource on Parenting: KidSource has answers to the real questions parents face. Many of the articles are based on solid research from well-respected organizations and publications, providing an excellent collection of successful well-known techniques as well as new theories for handling the latest parenting challenges. this women's network is designed to help busy women share inspiration, solutions and advice.

Making Lemonade: The Single Parent Network. Single parent support can be found here with a smile and a refreshing twist.

Moms Online is a modern view of the ups and downs of motherhood and relationships. It's a site filled with fun and informative articles and a great place to interact with other moms.

Mothers Who Think is dedicated to motherhood and its many facets. Here mothers will find a place to truly exercise their brains.

National Center for Fathering provides dads who are looking to improve their fathering with practical tips and suggestions

The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval Report is a great way to find out about new or recommended products and services; the site includes a new area of reviews and awards for family traveling destinations.

Net Family News: Keep up to speed on the Information Superhighway with Web news and tools provided to empower parents and their savvy kids.

Parenthood Web has particularly helpful special articles and community boards for new parents. From the publishers of Parents, Child, Family Circle and McCall's, this online resource shows an established understanding of the needs and interests of parents.

Parent Soup: From web basics to the great trials of parenting, experience the wide range of entertaining, humorous, and enlightening information that makes up this online community.

Parents Online: A UK website for and by parents, who share and learn from one another's experiences.

Parent To Parent: As Parent To Parent author, Jodie Lynn, states, "Parenting is tough - but don't forget the humor..." Her syndicated parenting column and web site provide an upbeat look at child-raising with plenty of supportive wisdom.

PC Parents: This educational outreach program is aimed at helping parents better understand computing and the Internet. is a comprehensive site honoring every aspect of being a woman, including parenting.

WorldVillage contains the Family First newsletter, full of family-friendly sites and downloads, great information on parental controls and the Idea Box, loaded with fun activities for kids. Dedicated to educating parents on the best ways to safeguard their children in cyberspace.

Stepmothers and stepfathers will want to visit Stepfamily Foundation, the Stepfamily Association of America, and Stepmothers International.